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The Hopewell Food Pantry was organized by a group of local churches in 1983 to provide emergency food to individuals and families who were in Temporary crisis - waiting for their food stamps to begin. Over the past 30 years the Hopewell Food Pantry has expanded our mission to serve all Hopewell families who are in need of food.

A little bit about us

The HFP is a highly respected organization and has the on-going support from a large number of the local churches, organizations, businesses, individuals, and the City of Hopewell. Their support, along with the support of the Cameron Foundation, the John Randolph Foundation (JRF) and the United Way is the reason that we have been able to fully complete our mission year after year. Even with the recession, we have not reduced the food quantity or quality of our distributions nor have we turned away any eligible family because of a lack of food.

Our mission statement

The mission of the Hopewell Food Pantry is to fight hunger in the City of Hopewell. We hope, along with those who partner with us, to positively impact families, by providing food security for its residents. With an emphasis on seniors, and the disabled, the pantry has created access to good, healthy food for those in need. With this sense of community and partnership, we hope to emulate our motto, "Neighbors Feeding Neighbors."

Impact in the community

In FY 2018, the HFP provided a week or more supply of food to 4,555 family units, totaling 11,942 clients. The number of clients served was on par with the number of clients we served in the last six years, which were: 12,041, 11,088, 11,573, 11,175, 10,880 and 10,701 respectively. For the 11,942 clients served in FY 2018, a total of at least 250,000 meals were provided at an estimated value of over $375,000. All distributions to clients are made by volunteers AND there are no paid staff positions.

Food products and funds continue to be donated by local churches, individuals, and various organizations. In FY 2018, twenty-one churches conducted 110 food drives. In addition, 28 organizations, including the Boy Scouts, and businesses, conducted 72 food drives, with 60 individuals bringing food our door at the HFP. The Hopewell Postal Workers conducted a city-wide food drive resulting in the collection of over 4,200 pounds of food. Further, food is regularly donated to the HFP by the local Food Lion, Save-A-Lot, Panera Bread, Little Caesar’s, Goya Foods warehouse, KFC, Wawa, and one Target store in Richmond. When available, Hunters for the Hungry has provided us with deer meat.

Our program to provide a monthly food distribution to the elderly poor and permanently disabled continues to help those who meet those criteria. (“Regular” families received a food distribution four times per year in FY2018). An average of 218 elderly poor and permanently disabled individuals were helped each month in FY 2018, up 5%. 55% of our client visits are in this program. This is a demographic that really needs our support.

The number of homeless client visits was 1,065 compared to 809 last year. We know that most homeless persons have nowhere to store perishables or even food items. To make our food distribution work best for their needs, a homeless person can come once per week and receive a distribution with an emphasis on pop-top cans of meat and fruit. Interestingly, some of them volunteer on the days they pick up their food. Keep in mind this population is very inconsistent, so the exact number of individuals is not known.

Our free book program, sponsored by Lisa Libraries of Kingston, New York, continues to be a blessing to many of our client’s children. The books are free to us, and all we do is pay for the shipping. One new book per visit, mostly for children and young adults, is available to each child in a family. A dedicated book shelf has been placed in our lobby.

For the adults that come to pick-up food, current newspapers are placed in the in-take area for them to read. This is likely the only time they have a chance to read a newspaper.

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